Here It Goes Again…

Hi, I’m Laura.

This is probably the 50 millionth time I have reassessed my decision to start a blog. I have designed and re designed and tried to theme and create a blog that is so spectacular and interesting that I eventually lost sight of what I was trying to achieve. I wanted to start something for me. A place I could showcase all my hobbies, obsessions, interests and ideas and share them other like minded people but I got so involved with making it likable so people would read it that I was overwhelmed by it and so, stopped blogging.

But I had a wake up call this year. I spend so much of my time working in a job that doesn’t make me happy and I have been doing a degree that hasn’t been much fun at all and has had me in a state of distress every month when an assignment is due in and when I took a step back I though ‘Why?’ Why am I doing things that don’t make me happy? As I’m sure most of you will agree, life goes by too fast (I saw a post of Facebook the other week saying ‘Only 19 Fridays till Christmas! Christmas! That’s another year nearly over in the blink of an eye) and I realised I haven’t really done much that has made me happy this year so I decided to stop worrying about assignments and work and pour all my energy into doing something that makes me happy. Like Blogging!

I love to write and when it’s about things I’m passionate about it’s even better. So I’m picking this back up. A fresh layout, a fresh start and this time it’s for me. I’m not going to lie, if there are others reading this blog, it’s probably going to be all over the place. I’m naturally indecisive and I go through phases where I want to be the next Carrie Bradshaw one week then a tree hugging hippie the next. I’m not a consistent person at all but I hope, if anyone but me is reading this, that you enjoy my writing and enjoy the things I’m talking about.

If there is anyone out there (Hello? …. hello?…. hello?…. hello?….. hello?) Please feel free to leave comments, start conversations with people about topics I bring up. This is your space as much as mine.

Much Love
Laura xo



4 thoughts on “Here It Goes Again…

  1. Glad to see you got “back on the horse”, so to speak, with this blog Laura. Your writing is funny and interesting, and I am so glad you are doing what makes you happy! Look forward to reading more from you x

  2. Thanks :0) I’m glad I’m taking it back on too! And I must admit, knowing that my main fan is my mam makes me very happy :0) I may need to feature you on this at some point ;0) thanks for your support. Love you x

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