Changing Seasons

Well we’re getting back round to that time of year again when the weather becomes a little unpredictable and it’s not always wise to step out the house without at least a cardigan or jumper on hand for when those clouds cover the sky and the temperature drops a bit.

If you’re anything like me then the change in seasons is exciting, due to the new fashions that will be available for Autumn/Winter, but also dreaded because my body can change so much in a few months (this time its gotten bigger thanks to my love affair with the local takeaway I have invested in this summer! I just can’t be bothered to cook when it’s warm and I’ve been at work all day) so I am now spending my wages (before I have even received them!) and I’m looking to invest my money in something to keep me warm.

As a general rule I don’t like to shop cheap, not for my essential items anyway. I’ll happily go to Primark for some strappy tops, vest or t-shirts to bulk out my wardrobe but I like to spend a little more on my staple items (not too much though. I’m not made of money!) so I know that I’m going to have something good quality that lasts, so here are a few things I have my eye on to keep me going through the coming colder months. (Click the image to be taken directly to the website where you can purchase it)

Sailor moon

Sailor Moon Sweater $34.99 (approx £22)

Little Lamb

Alpaca Hoodie $42.99 (approx. £27)

Crazy For Daiseys

Daisies Sweater $35 (approx. £22)

Cute Rabbit Cardigan

Rabbit Cardigan $25.95 (approx. £17)


Cat Face Jumper $29.99 (approx £19)

 Not all these prices include postage and packaging but there is something here for most budgets.

Much Love
Laura xo


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