Omg! Omg! Omg!

OMG! I just had to share my find on Facebook this week…



Cephalopodo is a home grown business created by a girl called Leah and she creates squishy Squid Plushies and they are just the cutest darn thing I have ever seen!!

Cephalopodo Eyes

Look At That Cute Little Face!!

Her mission is ‘to spread the love and appreciation for even the most overlooked sea creatures’ and she makes them from her home in Chester, UK. She was kind enough to speak to me the other day and told me that the reason she started Cephalopodo was because she had always wanted a giant squid plushie for herself and so decided to make her own and found that she enjoyed it so much she wanted to make more and more. Leah says these handmade squid plushies are Ideal for cuddling or for a friendly dinner date!


These cute little guys are not so little though. Leah custom makes your new best friend in sizes starting from an adorable 2.5ft (good for a wee cuddle) to an amazingly impressive 8ft!! (I’m guessing these are the guys who make great dining company) and you can pick which ever colour you want! And if all this isn’t enough, she even donates 10% of every sale to the Marine Conservation Society (Click here to check them out and donate) to protect the seas! Just incredible. 

Cephalopodo Sizes

Check out her Facebook page or visit her store on Etsy to order!
Facebook: Cephalopodo Plushies
Etsy: Cephalopodo Plushies

But order quickly as (due to the fact that she needs to sew everything by hand!) Leah can only take so many orders in one go!

Cephalopodo Collection

So now you know what’s on the top of my Christmas Wish List!

Much Love
Laura xo


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