Kawaii Crazy!!!

Today I received my second ever Kawaii box! I subscribed to this last month and loved the first box I received but I didn’t want to post incase it was a little of a one hit wonder, but I tell you what! I have not been let down the second month either! 

In my box this month I received a mixture of items:


Clockwise working in (like a swirly cake!): A Cute Spotted Face Cloth, Grapefruit Flavoured Candy Chews, Cupcake Stickers, Pearly Stickers (for customising phone cases and such), Little Cat Pencil Sharpener, A Cute Fluffy Cat Plushie/Charm, An Adorable Panda Note Card (with checkered envelope), A Pencil Case, Sweetie Hair Bobbles, A Hello Kitty Pen and a Rilakkuma Squishy Charm.

Each box comes boxed and all the items are wrapped in tissue paper when you first open it. You even get a little card too!

image image

Now I know this box is probably aimed at an audience about 10 years younger than me but honestly? I don’t care! This is the cutest subscription box I have found and I can’t describe the happiness I feel when I get this through the post and open it up and see all the pretty, cute, pink and girly things that are inside! I just love it and would recommend (for all those who are a little girl at heart) you go to www.kawaiibox.com and subscribe straight away. You will not be disappointed!

Here’s a little look at the first box I received too!


Clockwise: Multi Coloured Loom Band Pack, Moustache Laces, ‘Lucky’ Bear Notepad, Rilakkuma Fruit Flavoured Bread Sticks, Alpacha Character Purse, Fruit Nail Art, Teddy Bear Stickers, Pretty Baggage Label, Pretty Pink Polkadot Bow Headband, Sprinkled Ice Lolly Charm, Cat Phone charm, Donut Phone Charm

Isn’t everything just too cute!??

Much Love

Laura xo


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