A Crochet Portfolio Of Sorts


Today I was wanting to share my crochet dabbles. I am absolutely addicted to wool and have been ever since my mam taught me to knit when I was a little girl. I got into crochet only a year or so ago…maybe slightly more than a year when on a week off from work I decided to get some wool and a hook and sat watching YouTube videos on how to crochet. My technique range is very slim but I’m working on it and I’m so proud of the things I have made so far.

I made blankets for Christmas last year for my work colleges and I have made a cup cozy and finger-less gloves (but I don’t have a photo of that :0() and I have started to learn new edging techniques too. I just find it so much fun and so relaxing. And the great thing about crochet (unlike knitting) is you start to see results so quickly which, for me being a very impatient person, is great!!

Here are a few things that I have done…




Shell Edging






I have recently bought a book called ‘A Little Course In Crochet’ which has some basic techniques, simple projects and easy to follow guides so I can’t wait to get practicing with it! I’m looking forward to adding to my little portfolio!

Much Love
Laura xo


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