Here’s Laura!


Well it has been a while! Honestly life for me has been so crazy since my last post. A lot of ups and downs and I just needed to focus my attention on other things going on in my life which meant my little blog had to take a back seat :0(

But I’m back! Life is still very crazy but I feel I’m in a bit of a better place now to pick this back up. I’m aiming to update once a month. I would love to do more and if I can I will but I need to ease back into things here and I think once a month is a good amount of time to allocate myself so I don’t feel so overwhelmed and to make sure I keep it up as I love writing this blog (even though I know not many people read it) but this is my space. Here I can write what ever I like about whatever fickle fixation I’m obsessed with at any point in time and I like that. I like to write and share my passions even if it is to just one or two people. So this is the beginning….again….I hope you enjoy.

A little update
Things that have been going on since my last post:
– I started my textiles degree (you can follow my progress and coursework on my learning log at
– I got made redundant and got a new job in a bakery
– I dyed my hair from blonde to brown, regretted it immediately so got it out back to blonde, then just today got it dyed to a brown/blonde ombre type thing
– After 8 1/2 years, me and Tom set a date for our wedding! Were getting married August 12th 2015. 59 days!!!!
– The reason were getting married so soon is because we have decided to move to Canada!

Yes you read that right. Canada! I know you’re just dying to know why so I promise to make a post about why, how, our progress etc. very soon! I need a bit of prep before I just dive straight into it.

So yeah. Life is pretty crazy at the moment but its so exciting too!! So many good things happening in the next 12 months and I’m happy I have this space to document them!

L xo


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