Wish List – New Summer Wardrobe

It’s finally summer again!

I LOVE the autumn/winter months soooooo much! I can’t find anything that makes me more happy than wearing woolly clothes, hats, scarves, having to make no excuses for indulging in a soya hot chocolate, but the last few months I have been really pining for the sun! The feeling of warmth on my skin, that amazing blue coloured sky, free of clouds and full of light, I feel like its been forever since it was warm!

But finally its here and the past few weeks especially have been so lovely. I even bought and wore a pair of shorts to the beach! I haven’t worn shorts in years! But I recently started a new job in a bakery which is a drastic difference from the sit down office job I had been doing for the last 5 years so needless to say I’ve found myself loosing quite a few lbs with all the running around and lifting and bending I’m now doing so nothing I own fits me anymore! Tragic I know! Especially when, with the wedding to pay for, (8 weeks tomorrow!!!!) and Canada to save for, I find myself with very, VERY little disposable income. But I’m creative enough so I am giving myself the challenge of trying to find my wish list items from charity shops, thrift stores or I’m even going to see if I could maybe make something! But enough of that for now, here are my ‘New Summer Wardrobe’ wish list items ❤

Foxgloves and Birds Skater Dress by Apricot


 Tan Multi Strap Ankle Boots


A staple for my dream summer wardrobe this year would have to be a cute floral Skater styledress, one that I could sinch in at the waist with a thin belt, and a pair of Ankle boots. I just think this outfit would look so cute! Coupled with a pair of tights on colder days or bare legged on warm ones. Yes. Definitely a must have look for me.

New York Vest Top


Cream Knitted Kimono Cardigan


Ripped Boyfriend Jeans


Black Chunky Ankle Strap Sandles


I love this outfit as a casual, running errands type outfit. I don’t know why but I am just LOVING this ugly sandle trend! I find it so crazy how much I find myself really wanting a pair and I think my mam finds it even stranger after the years of ribbing I gave her about hers! But yeah. I’m totally feeling it. I also love matching t-shirts and jeans with Chunky cardigans in the summer instead of taking a coat out with me. They’re just so much easier to wear or carry around with you as the weather is so unpredictable, I hate being caught out without a coat or something for if the weather turns.

All of these items can be found at NewLook (the titles are hyperlinked so you can click on them to take you directly to the page to buy them!!)

I’m loving NewLook at the moment. I find their prices very, very fair, their quality very good and their selection varied. They’re great for my budget and I’m always finding something from them to suit my wants and needs!

So that concludes my little wish list for now. It’s certainly not everything on my list but these two outfits are on the top of my ‘to get’ list. If there is anyone reading this, feel free to let me know what your summer wardrobe wish list contains!


L xo


Here’s Laura!


Well it has been a while! Honestly life for me has been so crazy since my last post. A lot of ups and downs and I just needed to focus my attention on other things going on in my life which meant my little blog had to take a back seat :0(

But I’m back! Life is still very crazy but I feel I’m in a bit of a better place now to pick this back up. I’m aiming to update once a month. I would love to do more and if I can I will but I need to ease back into things here and I think once a month is a good amount of time to allocate myself so I don’t feel so overwhelmed and to make sure I keep it up as I love writing this blog (even though I know not many people read it) but this is my space. Here I can write what ever I like about whatever fickle fixation I’m obsessed with at any point in time and I like that. I like to write and share my passions even if it is to just one or two people. So this is the beginning….again….I hope you enjoy.

A little update
Things that have been going on since my last post:
– I started my textiles degree (you can follow my progress and coursework on my learning log at www.mytextileslearninglog.wordpress.com
– I got made redundant and got a new job in a bakery
– I dyed my hair from blonde to brown, regretted it immediately so got it out back to blonde, then just today got it dyed to a brown/blonde ombre type thing
– After 8 1/2 years, me and Tom set a date for our wedding! Were getting married August 12th 2015. 59 days!!!!
– The reason were getting married so soon is because we have decided to move to Canada!

Yes you read that right. Canada! I know you’re just dying to know why so I promise to make a post about why, how, our progress etc. very soon! I need a bit of prep before I just dive straight into it.

So yeah. Life is pretty crazy at the moment but its so exciting too!! So many good things happening in the next 12 months and I’m happy I have this space to document them!

L xo

A Crochet Portfolio Of Sorts


Today I was wanting to share my crochet dabbles. I am absolutely addicted to wool and have been ever since my mam taught me to knit when I was a little girl. I got into crochet only a year or so ago…maybe slightly more than a year when on a week off from work I decided to get some wool and a hook and sat watching YouTube videos on how to crochet. My technique range is very slim but I’m working on it and I’m so proud of the things I have made so far.

I made blankets for Christmas last year for my work colleges and I have made a cup cozy and finger-less gloves (but I don’t have a photo of that :0() and I have started to learn new edging techniques too. I just find it so much fun and so relaxing. And the great thing about crochet (unlike knitting) is you start to see results so quickly which, for me being a very impatient person, is great!!

Here are a few things that I have done…




Shell Edging






I have recently bought a book called ‘A Little Course In Crochet’ which has some basic techniques, simple projects and easy to follow guides so I can’t wait to get practicing with it! I’m looking forward to adding to my little portfolio!

Much Love
Laura xo

Kawaii Crazy!!!

Today I received my second ever Kawaii box! I subscribed to this last month and loved the first box I received but I didn’t want to post incase it was a little of a one hit wonder, but I tell you what! I have not been let down the second month either! 

In my box this month I received a mixture of items:


Clockwise working in (like a swirly cake!): A Cute Spotted Face Cloth, Grapefruit Flavoured Candy Chews, Cupcake Stickers, Pearly Stickers (for customising phone cases and such), Little Cat Pencil Sharpener, A Cute Fluffy Cat Plushie/Charm, An Adorable Panda Note Card (with checkered envelope), A Pencil Case, Sweetie Hair Bobbles, A Hello Kitty Pen and a Rilakkuma Squishy Charm.

Each box comes boxed and all the items are wrapped in tissue paper when you first open it. You even get a little card too!

image image

Now I know this box is probably aimed at an audience about 10 years younger than me but honestly? I don’t care! This is the cutest subscription box I have found and I can’t describe the happiness I feel when I get this through the post and open it up and see all the pretty, cute, pink and girly things that are inside! I just love it and would recommend (for all those who are a little girl at heart) you go to www.kawaiibox.com and subscribe straight away. You will not be disappointed!

Here’s a little look at the first box I received too!


Clockwise: Multi Coloured Loom Band Pack, Moustache Laces, ‘Lucky’ Bear Notepad, Rilakkuma Fruit Flavoured Bread Sticks, Alpacha Character Purse, Fruit Nail Art, Teddy Bear Stickers, Pretty Baggage Label, Pretty Pink Polkadot Bow Headband, Sprinkled Ice Lolly Charm, Cat Phone charm, Donut Phone Charm

Isn’t everything just too cute!??

Much Love

Laura xo

Exciting Times Are Coming


It’s been a little while since I posted and today especially has been a very exciting day for me so I thought I would take this opportunity to do a little update :0)

Recently I made the decision to quit my psychology degree and do something a little more creative, a textiles degree. I found that I was just not engaging or enjoying my psychology degree and no matter how much of a personal interest I had in it I just couldn’t help but feel underwhelmed with the course. So, with a boost of confidence from my mother-in-law (to be) and the support of my wonderful fiancé and family I enrolled onto the textiles degree to further develop my passion and skills in an subject that had been a passion of mine for many years now.

And today I got my materials!!!

All boxed and wrapped and new. A folder, note pad (black ‘n’ red no less!) a swanky OCA pen, a folder containing my first module materials and a really cool A3 bag, pouch thingy to send away all my work. I’m so excited to get started on it so expect this blog to be full of amazing things I have learned and found throughout my studies (as well as the general blah stuff I put up!)

Much Love

Laura xo




Omg! Omg! Omg!

OMG! I just had to share my find on Facebook this week…



Cephalopodo is a home grown business created by a girl called Leah and she creates squishy Squid Plushies and they are just the cutest darn thing I have ever seen!!

Cephalopodo Eyes

Look At That Cute Little Face!!

Her mission is ‘to spread the love and appreciation for even the most overlooked sea creatures’ and she makes them from her home in Chester, UK. She was kind enough to speak to me the other day and told me that the reason she started Cephalopodo was because she had always wanted a giant squid plushie for herself and so decided to make her own and found that she enjoyed it so much she wanted to make more and more. Leah says these handmade squid plushies are Ideal for cuddling or for a friendly dinner date!


These cute little guys are not so little though. Leah custom makes your new best friend in sizes starting from an adorable 2.5ft (good for a wee cuddle) to an amazingly impressive 8ft!! (I’m guessing these are the guys who make great dining company) and you can pick which ever colour you want! And if all this isn’t enough, she even donates 10% of every sale to the Marine Conservation Society (Click here to check them out and donate) to protect the seas! Just incredible. 

Cephalopodo Sizes

Check out her Facebook page or visit her store on Etsy to order!
Facebook: Cephalopodo Plushies
Etsy: Cephalopodo Plushies

But order quickly as (due to the fact that she needs to sew everything by hand!) Leah can only take so many orders in one go!

Cephalopodo Collection

So now you know what’s on the top of my Christmas Wish List!

Much Love
Laura xo

Somebody To Lean On…

I wanted to do a post about an issue that is gaining a lot of awareness at the moment (and understandingly), Mental Health. As you are all aware no doubt, the world has just lost a very amazing man, Robbin Williams. Like most other children of my generation, Robin Williams was there throughout my childhood, making me laugh, cry, think, he played a huge part in my growing up and I am extremely sad that he felt he needed to take his own life. I don’t tend to believe everything I hear in the media because I don’t think everyone tells the truth (a story is a story as long as it sounds convincing at the end of the day) so I don’t know the reasons why or what was going on exactly. I know he has suffered through out his life from interviews I have seen him do, but regardless of the reasons, he was a comedic genius, an amazing actor and had a voice like an angel (now I know you’re all remembering Mrs Doubtfire!) and it was such a tragic loss. He will never be forgotten.

But the realism of the situation is that people are committing suicide every day. Just yesterday, in Darlington (where I live) a young man climbed out his hotel window, 4 stories up, and was going to jump! The police took 2 hours to eventually coax the man back inside (thank god!) but I, who at the time was at work, was absolutely disgusted at the reaction of the public. There were crowds of hundreds of people watching, encouraging him to jump, clapping, filming, cheering, calling him an attention seeker, people even said that his causing the town to be blocked off was a nuisance! And it got me thinking, what kind of world do we live in when we can’t find compassion for someone who has, most obviously, reached the end of their tether! What gives these people the right to think that because they have had to park further from the town center or take an extra 5 minutes out of their oh so busy schedule to walk around the barricades that were put up, that this person is nothing more than an inconvenience to them? This man was going to jump off a building! Kill himself, leave his mother and father, brothers and sisters, daughters and sons, with a hole in their heart that would never fully heal! Have we become so self involved and pessimistic and heartless that, rather than feel worry or empathy, we immediately attack someone who has hit rock bottom? It was just unbelievable, I actually spent 30 minutes with a customer that spent the whole time rushing me because he wanted to get back to watching this poor man toil with the idea of ending his life or not. I felt completely disgusted. (Not to mention, did these people even think about what they would actually witness if this guy did jump? While they were stood there with their children wishing they had a tub of popcorn? They would never be able to wipe those images from their minds!)

Mainly what got to me though is the fact this this poor fella had reached a point where he saw no other option, like Robin Williams, he felt there was only one option left for him, and if he hadn’t been in the town center where someone noticed and talked him down, he could have died yesterday and that is something that should never be an option. Obviously (as I said before) I don’t know people’s individual situations but there should always be another option. People who feel they have to hurt themselves, try to kill them selves or even before that, people who are just feeling down and overwhelmed, rather than being coaxed to jump off a building should be encouraged to seek help! No-one should feel so alone and desperate. There is always someone who will happily listen and try to help. Even if that’s a professional who can administer drugs or professional advice or a loved one who can just hold you when your feeling down, make you laugh, listen to how you’re feeling, anything. You are never alone. This world can sometimes seem so heartless and cold but there honestly are people out there who are willing and eager to help.

If you do feel like you want to harm yourself SEEK HELP! I know it’s easier said than done. A lot of people don’t like to acknowledge issues, or talk to people or even admit to themselves that they can’t cope but you have to try. Just try talking to someone, even once.

Below are a few services to call for help and advice and remember, no reason it a stupid reason, you feel what you feel at the end of the day and no-one can judge you for that. We all have our limits of coping and what we can and can’t cope with. 

Samaritans – Offering emotional support 24 hours a day – Tel: 08457 90 90 90

NHS Mental Health Helpline – Specialising in listening, emotional support and wellbeing – Tel: 0500 639000

Mind Infoline – Provides confidential mental health information services (9am-5pm Monday to Friday) – Tel: 0300 123 3393

Sane Line – Saneline is a national mental health helpline providing information and support to people with mental health problems and those who support them (6pm-11pm) – Tel: 0845 767 8000

I probably haven’t said anything that you don’t already know and I probably have rambled on a bit too much but I just felt like I needed to do my part in creating awareness of this. This is an issue that I really feel strongly about. Everyone feels overwhelmed from time to time and in this day an age when the pressure can really be on in relation to getting a job, keeping a job, keeping up mortgage payments and the like and even in social media, the increase and ease of cyber bullying and the pressure put on people to look a certain way, do certain things to be ‘cool’, it’s so easy to cross that line and feel like it’s all too much to cope with. People should know that there is someone out there who really does care.